New York Capital Region Chapter of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Chapter Officers

John Allison (NACHI14010812) | Officer
Hollis Home Inspection
Troy, NY

William Archino, NYS Lic. #16000052214 (NACHI11031302) | Officer
Arch Environmental Compliance Service Associates
Burnt Hills, NY | 518-242-6956 | Website | Email

Chapter Members

3 members

Lawrence Allen, NYS License #16000005522 (NACHI04030112)
V.S.I., LLC & HOME Inspection Training Center Clifton Park, NY
Halfmoon, NY | 518-371-7944 | Website | Email

Lisa Endza, (Not an Inspector) (NACHI05110350)
InterNACHI Director of Communications
Boulder, CO

Thomas Valosin, NYS Lic 16000005194 (NACHI04113092)
ASKUS Consulting Services LLC
Middleburgh, NY | 518-827-4852 | Website | Email